Dyson DC25 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review

(Previously Known as Dyson DC25 All Floors)

Every home needs a good quality vacuum, especially if you have children and pets, and I want to share my experience using the Dyson DC25 with you.  I know how hard it is to select a product that will provide years of service and stand up to daily use, and I hope my review proves useful to those in the market for a new vacuum cleaner. Here is what I know from personal experience about the Dyson DC25, including pros and cons, and hopefully I can save you many hours (and cash) in your research.

Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum Review

I have two cats at home. They spend most of the time in the living room sleeping on the couch. Any person who has a cat at home knows that they like rubbing their hair on soft places like velvet couches. I’ve had problems with cleaning the hairs that the cats leave behind, both on the couch and carpet. There’s always some left behind.

A family friend suggested to me the Dyson DC25 Vacuum Cleaner. When I tried it out, I noticed form the onset that it was it was easy to carry and maneuver with. It just looks so different than anything I’ve seen. It can be easily pushed and pulled in the house and it is easy to navigate around since it’s not that heavy.

The pump is very useful to me, I have back problems and I have to be careful. With the DC25 vacuum cleaner, cleaning can be done without having to bend at all. One advantage of this pump is that it has such a mighty powerful suction.

I found the cleaner to be very easy to identify with, well…it looks really cool. It has features such as motorized brush, ball technology for maneuver, high-reach cleaning, root cyclone technology and a five year guarantee. The 5 year guarantee covers parts together with labor.

One problem that I have noticed with the cleaner is that it does not stand up properly during furniture cleaning. It keeps on falling down. Also, I thought it’s not very convenient to use on stairs and bathrooms. You just have to get used to it, like I did. The power cable is also quite short (as of today, I’ve learned that cable have been adjusted on the new DC25 Multi Floor and it is 24.6 ft). Otherwise all other aspects are simply, perfect.


Patented cyclone technology (Root Cyclone™ for no loss of suction)
Ball™ technology (Sits on a ball for easy twisting and turning)
Combination accessory tools
Stair tool
Mini turbine head for pet hair pick-up

I live alone, save for the company of the two cats. Generally, I have very little time to clean the mess that the two cats leave behind on the furniture. The DC25 vacuum cleaner saves me a lot because it makes my everyday life easier. It’s smooth, very easy to operate and above all, powerful. Hidden and high corners are easy to reach thanks to multiple tubes. Something to note though, unlike other cleaners, the Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner does not require replacement of filter and bags.

Dyson DC25 All Floors vs Dyson DC25 Animal

Because I have cats, I also considered the Dyson DC25 Animal. I have to say that Multi Floor model fits the bill for me. That awesome power; no hair will stay behind! The Dyson DC25 Animal costs a bit more than DC25 All Floors due to additional pets extensions and should you wish to upgrade in the future, you can do so. For starters, Multi Floor model is sufficient enough.

Recommended price for the DC25 Animal is $549 where recommended price for the DC25 Multi Floor is $499. However, I’ve come across this excellent deal where you can purchase the new Dyson DC25 Multi Floor for just $399 (including free shipping)! For the details ==> CLICK HERE.

As you are reading this, prior to my purchase I have researched and read endless reviews, and $399 is the best price you will find for the new DC25.

To Conclude:

If you are looking for a vacuum that will get the job done yet provide convenience and ease of use, without sacrificing any sucking power, the Dyson DC25 Ball is a vacuum that fits the bill.  You can stop dirt in its tracks before it spreads on throughout your house, and easily manage pet hair and kids’ messes in a lightweight yet power packed vacuum cleaner with minimal maintanace.

If you do purchase this product, then who knows, you might even start to enjoy vacuuming!

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